Baby Goth "Ikaros, Heavens Lost Property" Sweatshirt

Baby Goth "Ikaros, Heavens Lost Property" Sweatshirt

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Ikaros , Heavens Lost Property anime! <3
Ikaros is usually placid but resorts to violence if she sees that her master, Tomoki, is in danger. She is fiercely loyal to Tomoki and does anything to please and protect him. She also loves anything round and smooth, such as watermelons. She has incrementally developed the capacity to experience various emotions throughout the series, such as sorrow, love, anger and more.

At first, Ikaros is very submissive towards her new master and seeks to please him by granting him whatever he desires by using a special Summoning Card that allows her to order anything for Tomoki's wishes and desires from the world of the Synapse. As a Pet-Class Angeloid, she is built and designed to obey her master and to serve his every command and need at all costs. Tomoki, who is still in shock from the events of the prior night, awakes to find Ikaros sitting by his bed, awaiting his first orders for her to perform.

Due to her emotional capacity being low, Ikaros was initially unable to experience or express emotion. She has developed intense feelings towards Tomoki, but was unable to express them until they reached the Synapse.

• 100% California fleece cotton
• Raglan sleeves
• Crew neckline
• Unisex size. Women may want to size down for a slimmer fit.

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